Friday, May 27, 2011

bad dog!

picture of a bad dog......

this very bad dog just groaned and gave out a huge burp... then closed her eyes hoping i'd think she is asleep.  she reverted way back to puppy behavior, quite unbefitting her almost 11 years.  while we sat in the TV room enjoying a piece of Jim's birthday cake and a glass of Marsala, bad dog Meika took 1/3 of a sheet cake off a plate on the kitchen table and had eaten most of it when i found her with the remains on the floor.  she looked not the least bit ashamed, just annoyed that i took it away from her.  sure do hope carrot cake isn't "bad" for dogs.  it was made-from-scratch cake which i very hardly ever make ever since i discovered that cake from a box seems just as good to those who eat it.  and many don't seem able to tell the difference.  thankfully, the other 2/3 of the cake is still in the cake pan waiting til monday when we have a few friends over for a birthday dinner for Jim.

we've been home 2 weeks and today i finished unpacking, finished folding a mountain of clean laundry, shuffled more of the photos we had on display at Pop's memorial service, and wondered again if i'll ever get this disarray into reasonable order again....  and if i'll ever again feel like i've gotten enough sleep.

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