Friday, May 06, 2011

Vamos .. Agroulida house

photo 2.JPG by twistinsandy
photo 2.JPG, a photo by twistinsandy on Flickr.
patio in front of our house. we have 2nd floor apt. Pam and Larry had the one below us... they left this a.m. to go back to Turkey for a few weeks and to look for a place to rent next year. i'm thinking it would be good to go back to the south part of Turkey to visit them next year.

we have not had ideal spring here on Fantasy Island.... a bit of everything including horendous sustained winds from the south... Egypt, which bring warmth, dust and sand with them. no fun being outside during those.

Jim and Larry walked the infamous Samaria Gorge yesterday, which took hours and really tuckered out their leg muscles.. lots of very steep downhill on rocks. awww - poor guys...

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