Monday, May 23, 2011

in general

the morning after the memorial service for my dad... all of us tired, contemplative, glad to be together!  Chris and Alex half collapsed on the kitchen counter.  Chris with an aching back from Alex trying the way-back  to a time when his dad could give him piggy-back rides.  not so much any more.

 Nancy, my step-sister from Pittsburg, was here for a short visit for the memorial... wish she could have stayed longer.  so glad she was here!

 and the dogs.. lurking under the kitchen table, always the opportunists waiting for the kids to drop a tidbit of a treat.  they do pretty well with enduring the chaos of having lots of people in and out here (and Tiki from the north competing for her share of the attention and tidbits).  they did get lots of treats!
 Zylie having a game of World of Goo on my iPad.  i'm pretty sure she does way better at it than i do.
and then there's my wonderful grandboy, Alex.  he is quite proud that he is (at 10 years old) taller than his gramma.  gotta say tho that it isn't the accomplishment he thinks it is... i think i'm growing shorter almost as fast as he is growing taller.  well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but i've been asked lately if i'm getting shorter.  and indeed, i am.  also, Alex has some tall genes from his mom's side, certainly not from his dad's genes.

if any fiber friends have noticed that snappy new shirt i'm wearing... yes, it does have a pic of a drop spindle on it and "SPINNERS" logo.  Kate found a website promoting a minor league baseball team in Lowell, Mass called "Spinners", so we became fans and have the shirts to prove it.  never in my wildest dreams did i ever see myself as a baseball fan in any way, shape, or form.... but just couldn't stand for this shirt to not be mine!  and if you want to be a "Spinner" too... go here.

and now i'm going back to trying to catch up on sleep and enjoy the quiet here in my queendom.  maybe tomorrow i'll go to the plant nursery, stock up on veg and flower plants and play in the dirt.


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