Monday, September 19, 2011

dyeing, spinning, knitting content

i dyed some superwash BFL (SO perfect for baby clothes!), spun it up in ~worsted weight 2-ply, and knit up this little jumper dress for Iris (in Vamos, Crete) for her 1st birthday in november.  i added the triangles on the bottom because i thought it would look cute.  I have lots of yarn left so will prob. make a cardigan sweater for Daphne (also in Vamos) for her birthday in january.  i surely do love knitting for babies... it goes so fast!

also finished (well... except for weaving in all those many many ends) the Justify , Lynne Vogel's pattern at  and i like the colors in this one much better than the first one i knit, which i gave away to someone who liked it!  anyway, photo to come soon.

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