Friday, September 23, 2011

knitting and garden

it's going to take me forever to weave in all the ends on my "Justify"... so i took an unfinished photo.  isn't the model fabulous?  this was a real stash buster project and really did involve NO new spun or purchased yarn.  i'm happy with how it came out... now just gotta get the ends done.

i saw one of my favorite most fascinating creatures in my garden this morning!  i've been watching for her all summer... check out this info.  i just read that praying mantids can be kept as pets... who'd of thought......

we've eaten a few of these eggplants and there's still more to come.  yummy, indeed!  this is the first white eggplants i've grown and i'll wait a while longer to see if it gets any bigger.  haven't had much luck with growing eggplants, but keep trying because i totally love 'em!

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goatldi said...

Big lovelies all round! Do you know that since we moved to Nor. Cal I have not seen one Praying Mantis. Odd?