Monday, September 05, 2011

it's finally happened!

yes... summer has arrived in my queendom!  yes, today is sept. 4 which does not really qualify as "summer" by most calendars.  and finally there is a bowl of red ripe tomatoes on the kitchen counter.  they are really much redder than shows in the photo.  and it's just too bad i can't convey by photo just how sweet and juicy and delicious they are... and likewise, how luscious was the BLT i had today.  in "my" garden (as opposed to "Jim and James big garden") i've planted several heirloom tomatoes, and one of them called a black something-or-other (i'll need to look at the tag again)  (it's that damn slipping memory thing again...)  (good thing i can still remember my name, where i live and where is my yarn and fiber stash... the important things)  oh, yeah, that black heirloom tomato ... i've had 2 of them and they are my most favorite of all.. so sweet (and good on BLT) and i must write its name down so i can remember who it is and plant it again next year.  i'll put it in my desk calendar.  remind me next June that that's where i can find it.  

and about fibery things... i'm about 4 edging triangles away from finishing the Justify wrap (not counting all the yarn ends i need to weave in).  whew.  that was alot of knitting and a lot of stash used up.  next up is a jumper/dress for one of the baby girls in our Crete family.  she'll be one year old in november and maybe i can have it done by then.  the yarn is bright colors in BFL superwash.  details later.....

also fibery related was my panicky freak-out 2 nights ago when i saw a MOTH flying around the living room.  i went after it with vengeance and a dish towel and must have offed it as i didn't see it again.  but that was enough to send me into a "protect the wool" mode and i went thru every bit of yarn and fiber in the vicinity, plus took my 2 little turkish rugs (WOOL) outside, put them on the drying rack and beat them severely with a broom and left them in the sun for a day.  also, the WOOL Tibetan weaving of the Deity of Protection hanging on the wall came down and got a thorough vacuuming  front and back.  and the turkish rugs got the vac treatment, too.  happy to say, i found no evidence of MOTHS, and now all is clean and stash is organized (somewhat) and in bags and i'm done with my freak-out.


goatldi said...

LOL! Great tomatoes or is that tomatos?

Be glad that it is the memory that is slipping and not the boobs. Or the butt.

I have this amazing mental vision of you dancing round the room with "moth swatter" in hand. God help the poor creature who dares to breech the Queendom!

Sandy said...

umm - i'll go with Dan Quale and say "tomatoes". yep, i not only scared the hell out of the moths, Jim sat up and took notice!