Wednesday, December 07, 2011

last roses

 the last roses of summer, and that seems so strange to say of roses picked on dec. 3 here in what is usually the rainy wintery time in the PNW.  but, whatever... makes me happy to have roses from my garden sittin' on the counter 3 weeks before xmas.  and that reminds me... ta da... i'm officially squelching my inner grinch this year and will put up and decorate a tree in the living room and also will bring out the decorations and put them around.  well, after i banish the layers of dust on every surface... the left-overs of summer on a farm and dogs that seem to spend their outside time attracting dirt into their fur.  altho i have been told that the dust helps protect the surface of the wood furniture.  i would like to believe that.

and the inspiration for all the festivity at dome central?  well, the kids (grown and grand-) will come down on the 24th and it just doesn't seem right to have santa-believers in the house on xmas eve and not have a tree.

here's the latest update on the time piece (i love calling it that!!)
all this has been fused on now, 2 watches have been attached... i found some fine almost-invisible thread which i think will work to keep the watches in place, tho i might have to use super-glue in places.  and i learned something about using dupioni silk as a foundation fabric... don't do it!  that's what the solid green is and it's stretched and puckered and is creating a challenge.  so, there will be a LOT of surface embellishment on that piece.

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