Saturday, December 24, 2011

2nd annual cookie making day at dome central

this is the best cookie in the world... has dried cranberries and white chocolate chips and butter and cream cheese.  don't know its name but will put up the recipe later.

tree still needs some pruning.... it grew as a volunteer in the pasture and we harvested it, lopped off the top of it... and here it is.... and it's a hell of a lot cheaper and easier than going to a tree lot somewhere, looking at every one of the 250 trees to find the "perfect" one, finally settling on one that you don't really want but you are getting wet/cold/tired/find it difficult to appreciate these trees now that dark has set in, wrangle it into the pick-up bed, .... see? i remember this gathering in of the xmas tree and found joy in not having one for the past several years.  actually the aluminum festivus pole makes so much sense!  uh oh i'm feeling that familiar grinch setting in and must get more coffee in the system and hope for the best.

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