Saturday, December 24, 2011

D.Landreth Company Heirloom Seeds

i recently ordered and received in early december the catalog from Landreth Heirloom Seeds and it's one of the nicest catalogs i've ever seen.  besides the fact that they have a huge variety of seeds and sets, there is a section with color photos of the actual flowers and vegetables... not airbrushed or drawings... real photos!  if it sounds like i'm on their bandwagon, well it's because i am!  i saw mention of them on facebook and went to their website.  Landreth, like many small family businesses is struggling to stay afloat.  i guess part of my reaction to this company was that it is a small business, the oldest seed house in the US and they supply" heirloom seeds and classics for the garden"... and i want to support them!  so, check out their website, order a catalog.  i've started a list of seeds to order for next spring and summer.

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