Thursday, October 11, 2012

ahhhh... roses! how i love 'em!

well, i'm not quite down to the "last rose of summer", but it is getting close.  i've been loving them and admiring them and smelling them... just trying to store them up in my memory for those wet grey days that are coming.  we actually have not had rain for 100 days... but it's expected for the next few days.  so, here's to roses!!

notice that tiny little worm that hitchhiked in on a rose petal??

we went to portland today to see Sweeney Todd, the Mad Barber of Fleet Street at portland center stage.  this is a play i've never been particularly interested in seeing, but both my sisters highly recommended it.  so, we went.  you know that politician's comment when a really ugly baby is held up for him to kiss?  "Wow, that's quite a baby!!!"  that was my reaction to this play... "wow, that was some
production!"  it kind of reminded me of some of Shakespeare's plots where there's a lot of offing of people and it ends up that one kills the person he loves most and then someone offs him.  and it's always really "high drama".  i'm not fond of most of Shakespeare's work (yeah, blasphemy, i know) and i have read and seen of lot of it.  past tense... no more!  and as much as i LOVE Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman, there's just no way in hell i'll watch their screen rendition of Sweeney Todd.  i've been told that it's beyond gruesome.

so, that was our afternoon.  then tonight neighbors came over to watch the VP candidate debate with us.  good job, Joe!

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