Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fiber Fusion in Monroe WA

so.... i amtraked to seattle on friday, got met and transported to Duvall by Kate and kids (one kid sickish, one well). Chris fixed a fabulous steak dinner that night... ummmm! then i stayed here with the kids on saturday while C&K went to Monroe (Evergreen Fairgrounds) and sold lots of fiber. and today i took a nuno felting class, something i've been wanting to learn for a long time! loved the class, made an "ok" scarf and left with plans for future scarves. had these visions going thru my brain the whole time i was doing the felting of all sorts of silk and/or mohair embellished pieces that i can hardly wait to get to! it took a whole lot of muscle action to get that fiber to felt! and what i'm wondering is.... could this possibly count as the exercise that i'm always asked if i'm doing when i have an MD appt. (DAMN they are persistent) Yes! i do believe that would qualify. at least that's my story and i'm stickin' to it! so, after the class i spent the rest of the day hanging out with Kate in her booth and randomly wandering around, fondling fibers, chatting with vendors, kind of shopping... tho all i bought was 2 fabulous buttons from "One of a KInd"
ceramic button booth. spent some time with Dana and Lester at Whimsical Ewe... just because i'm enchanted with the felting that Dana does. sweet!
met up with Celeste and really loved catching up with what's going on in her life. she is one very creative and interesting person who is on her path to of wonderment and discovery.. Bravo!!

i'm writing this on my iPad and have uploaded photos, but cannot figure out how to manipulate them on the post and put a description... so there they are!

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