Tuesday, October 23, 2012

family and fiber

first Alex was sick... then Zylie, so i spent more time with Kate and with fibers than with kids. Kate let me use her Duncan electric carder and showed me her bins of "rejects" (dyed fiber that she deemed not up to her standards for selling) and told me to have at it! i'd also brought some fibers from home... dyed silk, angora, mohair for blending and gotta say... i felt like a pig in mud. plus, i always enjoy time spent with Kate. i see in my future lots of happy, relaxing spinning time. and movies! i am so totally exhausted from the political retoric (sp?) (it's wrong and too hard to look up on iPad) and will be happy when it's finished and Obama is re-elected! gotta say, tho, that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert always have an amusing take on all things political! and i never tire of them.

amtrak home tomorrow.

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