Thursday, December 06, 2012

a bag

 i do have some further comments on that last post, but procrastination and disinterest are getting in the way.

this is a little whatsit bag that i made a while back and am posting just to remind myself that my creative muse IS out there somewhere.  i think she's been trying to contact me lately and i just haven't been receiving the nudge.  i need to get my groove back, but for no good reason that i can discern it is elusive.  have been neglecting 3 projects that i should finish, just ripped out a weird and funky hat that somehow or other was big enough to fit a medium sized pumpkin... don't know how that happened... a total fail.

on the better side of things, i have gotten organized enough to buy or order about half of the holiday gifts i have on my list, and am as far as thinking about getting out the holiday decorations.  i don't hate the holidays this year and am even willing to calmly go along with the whole show.  and no, i don't need to increase my meds... they are already at max.
i lined the little bag with dupioni silk, which i love.  there is no pattern for the bag.  the entrelac part of it was from a pattern for a mitt but was way huge for any wrist that i know and turned out to be perfect for a bag.

i may think better of even posting this and come to delete later.  just need to get my groove back.....

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