Friday, December 28, 2012


spring dream time arrived in my mailbox today!!

my Landreth seed catalogue came!

yes, i do know that spring is months and months away... but with a beautiful seed catalog in my cold winter hands, i can start planning and before we leave in May for 5 weeks i can get some seeds started!  our wonderful and amazing housesitter/dog care person is also an avid gardener and i know she will take loving and tender care of any little plantlets that appear.  and just to increase her incentive, she can take a bunch of them home for her garden!!   my dye studio hasn't seen an active dye pot in months and is actually a perfect place for starting garden plants... both vegetable and flower.

i love this catalog!  their photos and drawings are a work of art in themselves and the seeds and bulbs they sell have never disappointed me.  doesn't get any better than that, in my opinion!  there is a small charge for the seed "book" and it is so worth it that i've even given it as a gift to gardening friends.  this is not a paid advert and i get no kick-back, but my advice is to get one!  you, too, can start dreaming of and planning for spring.... and warm... and sun... oh my!

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