Tuesday, January 01, 2013

scattered stuff...

adorable felted (Whimsical Ewe) little sheep.  a gift from Kate.  she got it at OFFF and i was SO envious because she got the last one.  so i was very happily surprised to find it under my xmas tree.  it is for hanging on my spinning wheel and holds one of those little oil bottles in the hole in its back.  so cute!!

and these are buds (or something) on a tree in my yard that are weird and charming.  they almost look other-worldly.  i can't remember the name of the little tree... which was labeled as a "bush" when i bought it and i expected it to stay small... it did not, so gets heavily pruned.. occasionally.

it's New Year's Eve, a very laid back, stay-at-home evening for us.  thank goddess i'm well past those wild and crazy new year's eves of heavy partying and being out on the roads with those crazy drunken folks.  for years now i've deliberately avoided going anywhere on this night.  so we had chinese take-out at 5pm and settled in for a wild night of MSNBC.  if i did make resolutions for the new year, the top one would be to watch way less politics on the tv machine.  i find myself so totally pissed off at these people that we hire to work for our benefit and well-being who are NOT doing the job they were hired for and are making a huge salary with benefits far and above what the "ordinary" person has.  i just want to find a "you are fired stick" and wave it at so many of them.  oh, but i digress ... i wish for all of us a 2013 that is filled with joy and love and success and happiness!  

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