Saturday, September 07, 2013

end of summer looming

the spiders seem to be abundant lately.  must be building that place to lay their eggs for the new crop.  there were 2 like this... pretty awesome looking... in the window in my kitchen.  on the outside!!

on Wed. we both had doc appts at close to the same time, so went early to meet Robin (sister), see her new apt. and go across the street to the farmers' market at the new Kaiser Westside Medical Center, which is held on an open space outside the hospital.  being at the end of the market season, there were few booths there.  2 food vendors (how do they qualify for a "farmers' " market??)  there were a couple of vegetable booths with a good variety of farm produce.  we were more in the market for lunch than produce as we are pretty much 

overwhelmed with what is coming in from our garden!  so we got our Lebanese lunch and went back to Robin's.

and speaking of produce!  Jim's big garden is in over-drive.  in the last fews days... baskets full of green beans, cucs and enough zucchini to give me nightmares. and tomatoes are starting to ripen, enough that i've put a couple of trays full into the dehydrator.  i've got several heirloom tomato plants in my garden and they are SO good (BLT).

and luscious flowers which i admired... and that's all.  no purchases.  i've got all i want in my garden.  not so much around the house, as the deer seem to love the same blooms that i do and have been feasting when i'm not looking.  i'm really conflicted about this.  i love living where the deer roam thru and i can watch the babies in the spring... however, i do not love that they are so bold as to come up on my patio and devour the flowers... esp. the fuschia baskets.  have tried many many "remedies" for discouraging them and the only thing that worked was to put my roses in the vegetable garden behind an 8 foot netting/fence.  so at least i have them!

and Tasha on her new pillow.  i think she is enjoying being an "only dog" in some ways, but without Meika as her team leader she is awfully timid and freaked out more than ever by loud noises and even going out into her yard alone.  her first year of life as a street dog really impacted her behavior ever since.  for one thing, she never learned to play and looks totally mystified if we throw a ball for her or give her a toy.  even all the years with Meika, her only fun with balls or stuffed toys was taking them away when Meika put them down anywhere.  she is a sweet dog tho. and i'm glad she's here.  but i miss Meika like bloody hell.

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