Saturday, September 21, 2013

what's new in my queendom

here is Kobe waiting for another cookie or a romp with any canine who will.  he is a Husky and was listed on the Project Pooch as ready for adoption, so we went to Woodburn to meet him.  Jim would really love to have another Siberian Husky, but Kobe isn't the one.  He is 1 1/2 years and a big clumsy super active puppy... 68 lbs now but i'm guessing he'll get to 75 or 80lbs as he matures.  we took Tasha with us to meet him and she was not much interested in rough-housing (playing) with him.  anyway, Kobe is a way more active puppy than we're looking for.  and big... he jumped up on me and not even at his full height was way taller than i.  and that's OK.  he will be much happier with a young and very active family... which we just are not at this point!

these are likely the last roses of summer.  extended rainy times coming in tomorrow which is depressing.  we've got most of the tomatoes which show any signs they might ripen harvested and spread out on the window sill and in my studio.  i've gotten a couple of large jars filled with dried tomatoes.  not much room left in the freezer, so any more harvest will have to be dehydrated cause dried veggies take up so much less space.

had a surprise visit this a.m. from friends from Boise ... are they giants? or was i standing in a hole?  or neither?  Anna's husband, Steve, and son, Nathan.  Anna was busy with her mom in Ridgefield getting ready for the 90th BD party this weekend.

there have been some gigantic tomatoes from Jim's big garden.  no idea what type they are as there were many many volunteers in the compost pile which Jim transplanted to the garden and they grew HUGE and strange looking.  but they're sweet and juicy.

see these huge fir and cedar trees??  i planted those 30+ years ago when we built our dome in a wheat field.  and holy crap, did they grow!!  i'm impressed.

so, autumn equinox happens this weekend and it always makes me a bit sad because it means that summer is finished and soon the grey wet days of winter are upon us.  3 months til the shortest day of the year... then the light starts returning.  ok.  cycle of life.

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