Monday, September 02, 2013

garden bountiful bonanza

this is the eggplant year i've been waiting for!  there are 3 types and they are ALL being productive.  now the challenge is what to do with them... i mean we can't possibly eat all of them as they come ripe.  i have done a test of dehydrating 1 of  'em and now need to try re-hydrating and see if they are usable.  tomatoes are coming ripe, so one possibility is to cook up a tomato and eggplant concoction to freeze and use in pasta dish.  freezer space is limited, so am trying to dehydrate as much as possible... much easier to store.  it's a lovely challenge tho... i love having eggplants in my garden!

this doesn't look like it... but when ripe it is white and as wonderful at the purple kind.

Jim made a bench for me at the top of my garden where i sit in the morning for a bit of birdsong filled peace and meditate on the beauty of life in my queendom.  and as i'm filled with all this beauty and grace, i'm also overwhelmed with sorrow for those living and dying in heinous situations, especially right now in Syria.  i have a feeling of helplessness in having any effect on our government or what happens in our world.  yeah, i vote, donate $$, sign petitions...
ok, this could turn into a political rant and i'm just not going there tonight.

there's so much variety in the gerbera daisies and i love 'em all.  this one makes me want to get out the dye pots and capture this brilliance on fiber.

about the solar dyeing i've mentioned... still need to get some supplies before i can go at that white cotton fabric for quilting.  need to do that while we still have sun!

it's hard to discern here, but in the very foreground is a lovely little rose bush that grew from a pruning of my beloved Gertrude Jeckyll heirloom rose.  this is its first summer and the little beauty has already given me 3 roses.

this is what it looks like in bloom.  love love love!

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