Saturday, October 12, 2013

grape harvest at dome central

this cluster of grapes was taken a few weeks ago.  i didn't take as many photos as i shoulda/coulda.... but i was being held hostage in the kitchen preparing eats for the troups.  there were about 12 people who (kindly) came out to help Jim finish up his harvest, then crush and get the juice into carboys to ferment.

Carla, our friend and highly esteemed house and dog care person while we go away, seems to like working the stemmer crusher... i have photos of her doing the same last year!  and she is still smiling.

finally the helpers got fed!  Carla and Dave (doesn't look like it here, but there was lots more wine consumed than beer)

Luke Hough... son of David the potter down the hill at Roads End Pottery... interested in the growing and processing of the grape.  wish David could have been here, but he's preparing to move to Sisters!

Matt teaching Donovan about the world.


Matt and mini-Matt enjoying a sunny October day at dome central.

i must say that i'll be happy when this harvest thing is finished!!  i really do love seeing these friends and am so happy they are willing to come out here and join in (help Jim) with the harvest etc.... but, damn... it doesn't fit with my semi-hermit life style to have clean and cook and be pleasant twice a week for a month.  that's kinda bitchy, huh?  well, it is what it is.

and i am SO looking forward to leaving next thursday for 3+ weeks in Crete... do nothing but eat, sleep, drink local wine and raki, listen to books (have a few waiting on my iPad) and knitting and seeing friends and maybe going to a raki-making event and who knows what else......

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