Saturday, October 26, 2013

fantasy island! the good life..

already a week has gone by ... and the days are speeding by too damn fast!  some days we don't go out of our house til mid-afternoon, then yesterday we were on our way before 9a.m walking up to the pre-school.  Friday was the beginning of the celebration of "Oxi Day", which is monday. (pronounced O-hee and means "NO")  This commenorates the day in 1940 when Greek Prime Minister Metaxas responded to Mussolini's demands that he would occupy Greece.... OXI.  (check wikipedia for more on this).  it is a really big celebration in Greece.  on friday the pre-school kiddos (2 of our friends have 3-year-old girls who attend the school), so we were honored that we were invited to see the kids presentation.... it was kind of a practice for their part in the big parade on Monday.  i plan to be in my front row seat at the taverna by 9am so i  can watch the celebration.  after the pre-school thing we all (6 adults and 2 kids) went to nearby village of Vresis for coffee at a park where the kids could play while we had coffee and food.  warm, gorgeous day and there was a group of high school musicians playing their traditional Greek instruments... what a treat!

later we all met at Berend and Gina's for wine before walking to the newest eating place in Vamos which features mediteranean food with Turkish and Greek influence and it was really unusual and delicious.  my favorite was artichoke bottoms with lamb in a lemony sauce.  there was also camel and cheese pie... a thin pastry-filled concoction with dried camel meat and soft cheese... also yummy!  a a variety of other foods.  we trusted Gina and Elena to order many dishes which we passed around.  by the end, our table of 6 (+2 who didn't spend much time at the table) had increased by 5 (+1).  finally, the place was so crowded and noisy that we went back to Berend's.

right now we are at Ano Kato celebrating Jim's Greek name day... Dimitri... with ouzo and internet.

Gina and Daphne at the park... having an OJ break
the local musicians practicing for Oxi Day

this is out of order, but couldn't resist the grapes at Elena and Toine's

a taverna at the park

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