Wednesday, October 02, 2013

OFFF - Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

this past weekend was the OFFF at the Canby, OR fairgrounds.. and weatherwise was probably the nastiest Sept. weekend in memory with record rainfall and high winds.  what is usually an awesome event with many many vendors on the expansive lawn, demonstrations, groups of spinners and fun throughout the weekend was a huge disaster for many people.  a few of the outdoor vendors braved it out, but understandably, many folded their tents and went home.  of the happy vendors in the buildings, Woolgatherings was dry and happy.  they have done their time on the lawn with their fibers... in the rain, but nuthin like this!  hanging at the left of one of their colorful displays of roving Kate and Chris hung the sweater i made for the Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters book.  Zylie finally outgrew it, so now it goes to shows as an example of what can be done with this kind of hand-dyed fibers.  ok... it made me proud and brought a smile to see it hanging there.

Chris, The Wool Guy in the booth.  he got a bit of grief from some of his co-workers who saw this photo on facebook.  but he handles that well and seems to really enjoy sharing the work of the business with Kate.

i sure do wish i'd taken the Chris and Kate photos in front of their colorful displays rather than by their undyed fibers... not nearly as bright as they could have been.

  so... there you have evidence of my short visit to OFFF.  the kids had been relaxing at home with us (dry and warm!) til i took them to meet up with their parents.  i didn't stay long as there were big winds and heavy rain forecasted for the afternoon, and weather weeny that i am, i darted back home to avoid that experience!  didn't buy a thing (highly unusual!), but did inquire at the Woolee Winder booth about ordering one for my Van Eaton wheel.  don't think i'll go for the $350 cost and likely long wait for it.

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