Monday, August 16, 2010

family summer hummer

our pretty much annual family and friends summer hummer was special because Robin could be here from TN and Dinah could come from Seattle, though it wasn't a weekend date that worked out for everyone... but everwho could be here for the humming was here. the name of the event actually goes way way back to a celebration of the birth of our first baby llama, Bandit... and it was named "hummer" because llamas communicate with hums. over the years it has been a huge party of around 100 people feasting on spit-roasted lamb to smaller events of mainly just family. whatever the size, it's always been celebrated with great exuberance, good food, and wine!! top photo is Pop and long-time part of extended family, Sarah.

my beautiful, talented, intelligent and spirited Gr.nieces, Maisy and Jordan.

7yr. old Max and i were in the kitchen and he was kind of walking around in circles with a serious look on his face, and finally told me he was embarrassed and feeling really shy. when asked "why?", he pointed into the living room and said "I like that one"... my niece, his cousin... Amy who is 21 and seems to be a kid magnet! i gave him a piece of candy and told him to give it to her and say he wants to sit by her.... that's all he needed in the way of encouragement!! and he hunkered in beside her for quite awhile!

Keith, Jim and Dave. how sweet it was to see Dave looking so happy and carefree!!

Dinah getting busy in the kitchen!

Cheryl and her sweet dog... the white house has one just like this....

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