Tuesday, August 17, 2010

lunch again

since Robin arrived last week from TN i've had more lunches out than i'd had in the last 6 months! and i'm not complaining!! today we met Judy, Jen, Maggie and the kids at Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, which is located in the hills of SW Portland, at their Hands On Cafe. they serve a limited selection (3 choices today) of lunches of really delicious food. i chose the mid-eastern meatballs... 3 huge meatballs covered with tzatziki, couscous w/lentils, greek salad, green salad, bread and loved every bit of it! it's really a lovely campus spread out among old trees and gentle hills.... and the art/sales gallery is well-worth the time to browse!

and on monday Robin and i had a double featured movie day... went to a matinee of "Eat, Pray, Love". what a sweet movie that was! and nary a male type person in the place. our lunch was a huge tub-o-popcorn (with LOTS of butter). was 100F that day, so we hustled on home, had dinner and watched "Alice In Wonderland" (sigh... Johnny Depp). truthfully, Robin watched the movie and i laid down on the sofa with my ice therapy on my shoulder (injured rotator cuff)
and promptly went to sleep. hard as it is to believe, the injury came when i had a mammogram in march. don't even try to imagine.....

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Terry said...

Did they squeeze the wrong part?? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!