Sunday, August 29, 2010


this is, i believe, the first zucchini plant i've ever had which was reluctant to grow. after giving it extra fertilizer, water and tlc... ta da... behold my success! and it looks like there will be more. that will depend a lot on how long summer stays around. some might think this a small and insignificant success, but ya gotta gather up those successes wherever you can and however small!

and the dragonfly photos could fall in that small success category, too.... it's the first orange-y red one i've ever seen and it took me 25 shots to finally get 3 that were acceptable. and the sweet thing kept flying away, then coming right back to assume another pose, like she knew i was having trouble getting the focus etc right, and was trying to help me out. they are magical, you know......

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wyldthang said...

We have those red ones up here, and a beatiful teal, charcoal, rust, turqouize and lime green one(which would make a great coloway...)