Sunday, September 19, 2010

fibery fun for OFFF

i've been doing some serious stash diving this week, including crates of fiber in storage which i had kidded myself into believing were personal stash for future spinning! HAH! there is no bloody way in hell i could ever spin all that if i spun every day for 8 hours for as long as my gnarly hands are able to spin. does that give a picture of the vastness of my fiber holdings?? so, i've been putting some of these fibers together to have in the OFFF booth (which is actually Kate and Linda's ) booth and i'll just be hanging out there sort of as default.

i've been recycling (cleaned) plastic food containers... like the ones that designer lettuce and greens come in... and my favorite for more than 1 reason is a snack mix container from Costco. i think the fibers look pretty cool in these and hope fiber shoppers won't find it tacky.

among rediscovered treasure is sari silk thread waste, angora, tencel, glitz, mohair, lots of silk... and lots of these have found their way into fiber mixes.

i'm looking forward to OFFF next weekend and hope it won't be wet... but it is what it is and will be fun no matter what.

Kate is back from her Australia and New Zealand adventure and is fiber dyeing like a mad woman and will have a booth filled with her beautiful fibers and yarn. Linda will bring a variety of blank yarn and spinning fibers ready for dyeing and lots of yarn and goodies from her shop.

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Lorajean Kelley said...

from your stash to mine hopefully! That looks like a lot of fun for my drum carder to have! After I'm done setting up I would love to come over for a preview shopping trip. See you soon!