Tuesday, September 14, 2010

good times

dear diary - (well, sometimes it feels like a "dear diary" kind of thing) - had a fabulous visit to Boise and good times with my very dear long-time best friend, Anna! she had planned some activities for us - and gave me this wonderful bag she'd made for me. it is destined to carry lots of yarn and fibers! i love the colors and the scattered embellishments....

one of the adventures was Art In The Park, a well-established art museum
event. there were at least 300 vendors, with pottery and jewelry the most represented, and a huge variety of wares in those 2 categories, covering all degrees of interest and desire for me.

and what's an art event without artful biffies?

music can be a highlight at an art festival.... this one had a one-man band. interesting.......

we did our best to get to all the vendors, but had to give up barely 1/2 way thru, when both of us had glazed looks in our eyes and were past the point of enjoying the journey! the only thing i bought was a cheezy ring which i wish i hadn't.

then we went home, put our feet up and had a cold adult beverage.

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