Thursday, September 02, 2010

dyeing yarn... +

the last of the sock yarn i dyed... superwash merino, silk, nylon and silver. took it in to NWWools and 2 were bought as i stood there! good for the creative self to see that!

we went to the farmers' market in forest grove last Wed. and found a nice array of farm products. one booth had a table loaded with lovely big red tomatoes! they looked delectable, even tho most of them were from the greenhouse on the farm... just not enough warm nights and sunny days for field ripened tomatoes. so, guess i can kiss goodbye the hope of my abundance of green tomatoes in the garden ever getting red. ~~sigh~~

the "fresh margaritas" sign was quite tempting, but we opted to go the mediteranean restaurant and have dinner with our margaritas.

i flew to Boise yesterday for a visit with my dear friend, Anna. tomorrow we go to the Art in the Park fest. photos etc later...

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Lorajean Kelley said...

I hope you are bringing some to OFFF!