Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OFFF - second day

here's an understatement - Sunday was not as nice as saturday. it started off with drizzle, turned to rain and later in the day almost stopped dripping water from the sky. needless to say, there were far fewer people wandering about. fibers had to be crammed into the interior of the booth except for one rack which stayed outside with plastic covering it most of the time. nevertheless, there were still diehard fiber fondlers there, touching and buying.

it was a great weekend tho! when we went home saturday night, Jim had prepared a feast for us weary travelers (100 miles RT from here to Canby). so we had good food and wine and enjoyed the evening. Symeon came home with us and joined the chaos at dome central with 2 kids, 3 big dogs and 4 other adults and seemed to fit right into it all.

Kate's fibers and Symeon's book.

i love my Prius! this is average MPG for about a year. it gets around 48 in the winter because of using the heater, lights and windshield wipers. all in all, even tho i miss having my toyota pickup, i do like this car. it's comfortable, easy to drive, moves right out with attitude when i need it to and has great MPG.

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