Tuesday, August 30, 2011


this amazes me!  not only is my 11 year old grandboy taller than i am,

but in his new suit and tie, he looks closer to 16 than 11.  they were here getting ready to go to portland for an event, and he was mighty like a peacock strutting around the place looking fine.  that smile stayed on his sweet face as he posed for photos... here with his sister (she's almost 9),

and below, with Papa.  (can you tell that Jim isn't getting ready to go anywhere except back outside to his labors in the dirt and among the grape vines.

i was sitting on the sofa when i took the photos, so the angle is kind of weird.

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goatldi said...

o.k. queenie. he can take my two oldest to the dance. in fact i believe ms. emily has one coming up next wkend. remember the first jr. high dance? acccccccccccccccccccccck!