Sunday, February 05, 2012

because i need to whine

i've spent the past week developing a close relationship with an icepack, the sofa and daytime tv... not the way i want to spend my time.  i just don't have enough time for crap like this.  i didn't know that sciatica  could be this painful and debilitating! and i don't know what set it off.   i've had bouts of low back pain since my early 20's and that runaway horse i was on... no, really!  and icepacks and/or one of those back brace elastic belt things always makes life "normal" again.  and the belt is pretty standard accessory for serious gardening.  so, after lots of ice and too much lying around, i'm doing some standing and walking without searing pain down my leg and feeling like my leg is going to give out under me... which if that happened could create a whole nother problem.  the golden years?... my ass!   this afternoon i did some more cutting and planning on the latest quilt project (no sewing)(that involves sitting, which hurts).  ok - now can i have some cheese with that whine?  white stilton with apricot bits would be good.......

p.s. -  daytime tv is AWFUL

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Lorajean Kelley said...

next time you have a vacation on your couch sign up for netflix streaming and watch on your ipad. I've been watching Doc Martin (bbc) and I know there's some Michael Palin travel shows. That's way better than day time tv!

I hope it all clears up quickly too!