Sunday, February 12, 2012

dinner out

in honor of valentine's day, which i don't really celebrate since it was ruined for me years ago by the hype and Hallmark, Jim said to me "let's go out for dinner at "out-AZA-blue", which despite the weird name is a really nice place to eat.  the owner, Gabriel, is Sicilian/Lebanese, raised in Brooklyn, NY, and is a fantastic chef and host.  the food is Mediterranean .. and i mean is very good eating!  the restaurant is on Hwy 6 between Banks and the beach, one of those places you have to know where it is to even notice it. but well-worth stopping there!

Jim ordered eggplant parmesan and said it was delicious.  the photo seems to indicate he was saying "what the hell are you doing??  i want to eat!!"  (he doesn't know i posted it.....)

i don't often eat red meat, but carnivore that i am, i ordered the sirloin and was very very happy with it!  it was served topped with mushrooms, onions and olives.. seemed to be caramelized and was totally over the top delicious.  and because i'd rather have white wine than red... no matter what the entree.. i had a really nice Riesling... 2 of them, in fact.  and there is enough dinner left over for a very nice meal tomorrow... mmmm.

so, if any locals are reading this (and how would i know if anyone reads it as there are very few comments ... ahem!, tho thanks Terry and Lorajean.)....anyway, "outAZAblue" on Hwy 6 a  few miles west of Gales Creek is a great place to go for a good meal and nice wine selection.

oh, and happy Hallmark occasion on tuesday ...  and i hope you get chocolates, they taste so much better than roses!

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