Saturday, February 11, 2012

flowers in winter = happy

 i took a little tour around my garden and found some surprises!!  the bronze fennel lived!  and is putting up some fuzzy little shoots.  biggest surprise was a rosebud... wow.. it's mid-february.  not a surprise was the black-spot on the leaves, to be dealt with later.

and volunteer poppies all over the place.  happy happy me!

and ever-faithful primroses.  gotta love something that keeps on coming back with beautiful little blossoms... and requires so little from me!

 hellebore - i really really love this flower.  and happily, not much rain to ruin it and make it all dirty and sluggy.   they don't last very long when cut and brought inside.

and this is my bridge to spring.

for color and inspiration, i've found a real treasure for filling some of those needs - Quilter's Pastiche: Archive and Katwise (her work takes my breath away and inspires me... i think it's my hippie past) (and i'm going to make one of her sweater-coats)

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