Wednesday, February 15, 2012


tomorrow Linda and i  will drive to Tacoma for the Madrona fiber arts festival, with plans to stop at the McMennamin's Old Oregon Hotel for lunch on the way.  will meet up with Kate and Chris at Madrona...  they have a booth and it sounds like Kate has been on a fiber and yarn dyeing marathon for the past couple of months, so the booth will be well-stocked with gorgeous fiber!  and then i'll go home with them and stay with the kids for the duration of the event.  it seems they have zero interest in hanging out at a fiber show where there aren't even any animals for 4 days... from 8:30a.m. til 6:30pm.  and to be honest, i would have no interest in that either!  so, i'll enjoy hanging out with them!

big commitment here!  i bought the tutorial to make this gorgeous creation... from Katwise (this link is to her Etsy shop and she also has a website)  part of the hugeness is that now i need to buy a serger in order to do it right.  but really... isn't this just wonderful?


this is another of her creations and i love it... but for me, it's a bit over the top!

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