Friday, April 27, 2012

Almyrida - Aeraki taverna

taxi to Almyrida (and the price is up to 15 euro) for dinner at Yorgo's taverna. so great to see him again and Nikos. have known them both since our first years in Vamos. Yorgo was a waiter at Bloumosifi then took the plunge and opened his own place...and is doing well after some struggles... very good food, good service, enough different from the run of the mill that it's obvious. and draws locals as well as tourist trade. anyway... nice warm clear evening, delicious dinner and lovely to see old friends.

today we took the hike to the top of Vamos...a steep hike for otherwise tough old crone. i wanted to see the relocated flower shop/nursery and, yes ... bought a pot of flowers to supplement the rather tired looking geranium pn the balcony. the walk back home was all downhill and quote nice.

tonight live music at Bloumosifi and also tomorrow night at Liakoto. I think tonight's is traditional Greek, dont know about sat.nite.

damn i hate this tappy thing on ipad .

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