Monday, April 23, 2012

bus to Kalives

finally, after waiting last week for the bus that never did come, we got one this afternoon to go shopping in Kalives and walk on the beach and have lunch at Christos' restaurant. i wish this "blogger for iPad" would let me post comments by photos. but the only option seems to be to have the words first and photos after!... so, there's a man on the beach (Jim), Souda Bay/the Cretan Sea, lunch... roasted potatoes, garlic dip, eggplants with cheese and Greek salad. and of course, my ouzo and Jim's red wine. i do love that ouzo!! wish it wasn't so damn expensive at home.... There was a broken large urn which had been put on a low wall with dried fronds coming out of it.. instant art. tho there seem to be fewer cats roaming the streets this year, there was a whole collection on them in an alley where someone must have thrown out some food for them.

also, there is my photo of a drawing that someone did of Bloumosifi. i really like it and just might get a print made of it to hang up at home.

so, dear diary, i guess that's it for today, except to say that fantasy island continues to be days filled with sun and friends and love and joy.

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