Wednesday, April 18, 2012

fantasy island continued

we have had wonderful music nights ... monday was a concert at the "old school" (a one room school not used for many years). there was beautiful concert by an accapella choir from Norway and they even sang some very old American songs. all kinds of variety. last night was jazz at Liakota which is kind of a bar/lounge/hangout place. a trio called Gypsy Jazz, joined toward the end by hot jazz violin. and that was another fabulous evening.

other than that we have had unbelieveable ultra strong continous winds for the past few days. said to be caused by storms in egypt blown this way by winds from the south and includes some sand and dust. this is how ever still paradise on fantasy island.

and to add to the goodness, the tomatoes taste like REAL tomatoes and are especially good with mayo and seed bread ... for breakfast!

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