Monday, April 30, 2012

random thoughts

first... i checked the weather report for home while on the interwebs last night, and it was SO not-springlike that i won't say anything more about spring here in Crete. i do wish for you all more sun and more spring! and hoping hard that it will be there when we return home in mid-may, ready to plant our garden!

and also, thoughts i've had while going about daily stuff here... i promise to give daily homage to my efficient and useful and much loved dishwasher! that thought came as i was clearing last nights hand washed dishes from what passes for a kitchen counter/dish drainer, so i'd have room to put the basin thing that's here for washing clothes. any bits of clothing which we want clean we wash by hand and hang to dry on the rack on the balcony. so, i've also promised elaborate praise for my all-powerful washer and dryer.. and while i'm at it, i will sing appreciation as i shower at home in a "real" shower with always available hot and cold running water. every few days, we turn on the tap and either get a pitiful drip of water, or none. that can go on for a few hours or all day. i've learned to filll up the coffee pot, the water pot and the pan while water is there so there will at least be some water for making coffee and washing face and teeth in the a.m. please don't think that this really detracts from life for us in Vamos. it's just kinda part of the territory. so ya just shrug and carry on, like the greeks! also, the houses we rent when we're here are not like the ones most people live in.

anyway, it's been a quiet day in lake wobegon as i've knitted and listened to Garrison Keillor read his book "Pontoon", a funny rambling tale of people in lake wobegon. tonight is gyros at a cafe in the plaka, then live Greek music at Liakoto.

and here is a photo of our shower and our balcony...

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