Tuesday, September 25, 2012

fiber again! OFFF

it was a spectacularly beautiful autumn weekend for the fiber fest in Canby!  this year, for the first time, Kate and Chris had their Woolgatherings inside the main building... and it was lookin' good, as were the owners.  and check out Kate's boots!!

Jim and i took the g.kids to the fairground midday to hook them up with their parents.  this was actually J's first time at a fiber festival... shocking, i know,  after all the years i vended at these shows.  and he seemed quite surprised at the number of cars in the 3 parking lots and then the number of people milling about among the many booths and groups of spinners on the lawn, plus the many vendors in the 2 buildings.  i guess i was just too busy to take photos outside... occupied with my mission of finding friends and fondling fiber.

i found Dicentra right away and grabbed myself a nice hunk of BFL/silk from Lisa.  Kate very generously let me have my choice of one of their braids so i got a BFL, silk and glitz!  it was really difficult to get a good clear photo and i think that's because of the shiny silk and glitter.

and from the Whimsical Ewe this adorable and fanciful little felted bag.  i had seen and admired her work at BSG and was happy to find her again at OFFF.  and i know i'll be looking for her again at future shows!

there was some truly amazing work on display in the fiber arts gallery.  some very imaginative and well-done pieces.

 this is a close up of a portion of a felted shawl--->        

a beautiful and tranquil quiet inspiring hanging.

and i couldn't help myself!.... it was marked down 30% because of a tiny dye spot on the front that was considered a defect and which i can fix easypeasy.  really, i couldn't help having it for my own!

so, i had a fine time at OFFF, was very happy that i'm thru with the vending thing, and enjoyed seeing so many friends and appreciating so much beautiful fiber.  next event i'll attend is Fiber Fusion in Monroe WA october 20 and 21.

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