Friday, September 14, 2012

sled dog/musher camp - Alaska

one of the things i enjoyed the most on our cruise thru the inside passage to Alaska was the excursion to the musher's camp outside of Skagway.  most of the excursions were ridiculously expensive and this one was less ridiculous than most, so Jim and i took the grandkids and had a great time.  Zylie is over-the-top crazy about animals... especially baby animals, so she was ever so happy with this day.

 our musher giving some special attention to one of his team of 16 huskies.  this dog looks so much like our husky-mix, Tasha, that they could be sibs.  these Alaskan sled dog huskies have been bred thru the years for their work and look nothing like our Siberian Husky.  they are lean, and short-haired to keep them from over-heating while they work.  they were all very receptive to attention and petting from us.... so that's what we gave 'em!

for their training at this camp, when there is no snow, they pull a sled with wheels and it was a quite exciting ride!

our musher was ever so accommodating about picture-taking and took several with my camera and with Z's.

the ride to the camp was thru beautiful wooded areas over some quite rough and steep roads, so we rode in a Unimog... a vehicle first developed for use in wars.  seemed like it could go just about anywhere, whether there were roads or not.

we went from this part of the camp to the area where
the puppies were kept.  this was Z's favorite part of the excursion!!  in order to get the puppies socialized, they encourage visitors to hold them and play with them.  i liked this part, too!!  they were SO cute and wiggly and kissy and nibbly.  nope!  i do not want a puppy of my own.

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