Saturday, September 29, 2012

harvest time

i really do love the time when i can harvest from the plants i've put so much time and love into thru the summer.  it also brings me incredible sadness to know that with the harvest and autumn comes the end of summer.  i love the colors of fall and the changing of seasons... and i SO don't look forward to month after month of rain and grey after that.

i have one lovely eggplant in my garden.  from 3 plants that went in at the same time.  one goal for next year is to find the secret of successful growing of eggplant.  i need to know.  i love eggplant and sometimes am tempted to just buy 'em at Trader Joes and at farmers' markets and not anguish over trying to grow them myself.

and grape harvest is coming soon.  the muscat and gewurtztremeiner (sp?) will be ready really soon and are 2 of my faves.  the daily sun and warm are helping with the ripening.

ETA  - this is a pinot noir grape... not one of the above-mentioned faves.

some of my newer roses are totally breathtaking.

sunflowers!  also a favorite of late summer.  i'll try to collect the seeds for the birds for winter feeding.

at this point, it's going to take an act of harvest goddess to get any kind of tomato harvest.  this is ONE gigantic melded tomato and it's finally showing some promise of ripening.  i'd thought i'd have enough to put some in my new food dehydrator to dry for soups etc this winter.  not so sure now.

hmmm - seems to be a tone of sad here and yep, i'll own it.  time for an attitude adjustment......

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