Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Calertne entrelac cuff mitts - on Knitty.com

i'm so excited!  Knittyspin at knitty.com just put up a new pattern from Lynne Vogel, my dear and very talented friend.

it's called Calertne Fingerless Mittens.  entrelac cuffs.  free pattern.  lovely photos!   

story about it and photos will follow here later. 

also, check out Lynne's blog at  handspuncentral.blogspot.com
she has also put up 3 new patterns that you will LOVE!

the story of how this pattern came about in on Lynne's blog, along with photos of my original entrelac cuff mitts.  i love how this all worked out!

1 comment:

Lynne said...

Thank you so much my dear, dear friend, for sharing your wealth of all things fiber with the world. Your generosity is a lamp to light the darkness. No wonder you're my Yoda.