Thursday, November 01, 2012

life and stuff like that

just because i love this!!!

and then... just because i think this is so funny and so right on the mark and if you like Mitt Romney, do not click on the link because you will not like this ad.  if by some stretch of the imagination you have not made up your political mind (tho i find it impossible to believe this could be true!  please tell me if i'm wrong.), you really should check out this ad! and do feel free to leave comments on this!

Joss Whedon ad supporting Romney

now that summer is really over and i've been pulling up the dying plants in my garden, i've gone back to the quilt i was working on months ago.  and once again my casual approach to creative endeavors is coming back to bite me on the ass.  some day i might get it that it's a better idea to plan out a project before diving into it with a "great idea" and ending up spending too damn much time puzzling out how to finish.  the solution began solidifying as i was going to sleep and i actually must have dreamed about it because i woke up knowing what to do!!  photos coming soon.

i'm going to the beach for a long weekend with my bio-sisters on friday, which i'm really looking forward to.  will take spinning wheel and those lovely batts that i carded last week, also a knitting project... an octopus for Z for her 10th birthday next week.  i showed her a picture of it and she asked me to knit it for her... and so, i bought the book and got started.

and other than that... like everyone else i've been watching the tv reports of the devastation on the east coast following the hurricane.  i wish them all a speedy return to normal life.  i feel deep sorrow for all the loss they are experiencing.  the Red Cross is accepting $$ donations and also blood donations.

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