Monday, July 22, 2013

Meika - beloved Siberian Husky.

feeling the need to guard food when other dogs are here.

today was a very sad day here at dome central..
Meika was 4 days short of her 13th birthday, which is a quite long life for a husky, but it's never long enough.

so tonight is Meika's.
 she loved her "bear" and often gave it a bath before resting her chin on it.

forming a heart with Tasha.  Meika was always the "alpha", tho Tasha did often challenge that status.

she was very ashamed after she stole 1/3 of Jim's birthday carrot cake off the table while we were in the tv room.  she ate most of it before we discovered what that noise was.

one of her favorite sleep/rest positions... on her back close up to the wall.

with their xmas scarves.  they don't really look overjoyed to be wearing them.... and having to pose.

this is a fairly recent photo.  such a beautiful dog in all ways and she will be mightily missed.  i can't seem to stop crying.

and p.s. i don't want to hear any shit about a rainbow bridge.

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