Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sisters' Quilt Show and Sunriver

on thursday, Linda and i went over to Sunriver, OR and stayed in one of our VI time share condos, which was wonderful!  since 2 bikes come with the unit, we decided to do some riding on the paved trails.  that came to a quick end for me because i was just too wobbly to be comfortable out where there were other bikes and people walking.  i'd have been a hazard to other living beings!  so we spent time sitting on the balcony reading, snacking (lots!), spinning, knitting and just generally relaxing and enjoying the beautiful days.

on Sat. we went to Sisters for the annual outdoor quilt show which is such a big deal that they shut down the main street (which is also a major highway) and several other streets and have quilts displayed all over the place... outside and inside, and a wonderful and inspiring day it is!  we planned to get there when the show opened at 9a.m., as did hundreds of other people it seems.  about 2 miles outside of Sisters the traffic came to a standstill, then became a scene of creeping along til we finally got there and tried to find a place to park... HA... that took some driving around for awhile before we found a place.  we were early enough that we beat the heat and the heaviest of the crowds and had a thoroughly wonderful time wandering about and admiring the quilts.  these first few photos were from a display based on the book,  The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick (i ordered the book today!!) and it  was all fascinating!  these are all done with stitching/thread, tho there were some gears and clock and watch parts attached to the surface of the pieces.  it looks like a really interesting book... check it out on amazon to see what it's about.

ETA - i ordered the book, received it and it is wonderful!  will now order it for my grandboy!

lots of inspiration in the teacher's tent.  this one was fascinating for me!!

i was especially drawn to the quilts that featured applique and were whimsical.

and then there were the chicken quilts!  i'm in the early process of planning a chicken quilt, inspired by our plan to add a few chickens to my queendom.  these seem to have been inspired by Gwen Marston's "liberated quilting".

a very enjoyable weekend it was!

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