Monday, July 08, 2013

saga of the bird nest i found

when we returned home after 6 weeks away, the first outstanding change we saw was the amount of
growth of weeds, bushes,  flowers in glorious bloom (the flowers were the good part!)  So, i started the clean-up/clear out of the area around the trellis next to the house so i could get the hanging baskets up.  big surprise.... there was a bird nest on a cross piece of the trellis about 3 feet above the ground... and a gorgeous work of art this nest was.  covered in moss with a smooth dirt and weed interior... and 4 eggs.  so, i stopped with the clean up and did no more pruning around there.  later, i found a place i could see the nest from a distance so i wouldn't disturb the mama.  and did she ever give me the beady stink eye but i used telephoto lens to get her photo.

when i could see she wasn't on the nest, i'd sneak a peek at what was going on.  i looked on the interwebs for info on what type of bird this is and think it might be a house sparrow.  if anyone has any other knowledge or guesses, please let me know.

looks like 2 babies hatched - scrawny looking, big bulge where there will be eyes

after a few days there was a downy pre-feather covering.  and still just 2 hatchlings

after another few days they had feathers, eyes and beaks and were waiting to be fed.

i wish i'd kept track of the days between when they hatched and the
last day when i looked at them for the last time in their nest.
it surely does not look big enough to make it on its own, but there it
was standing on the edge of the nest and now
they have both left the nest.  there is one egg left in the
nest... maybe the 4th one got pushed out or ?

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