Wednesday, July 31, 2013


hoping that tomorrow is the end of the "never-ending quilt", after adopting the mantra of "not perfect... but FINISHED, completed, done and over with".  it's been really hard to stick with this project and not just dump it in the UFO pile.  i really love the front of it, but there have been so many detours due to not planning out the next steps before i just dove in and cut/stitched/ added/subtracted.  i've become afraid of cutting or stitching without re-re-recalculating, measuring, thinkin' about it.  but tomorrow i will stitch on the SECOND back, which means requilting it.  even basted the damn thing on, even tho i never baste anything.  photos tomorrow....

have harvested the first big, ripe juicy tomato from my garden, which means that i've had my first BLT of the season... ah, bliss!  and there are several more tomatoes getting really close to pickable.  no doubt why this is my favorite season of the year.

made the first zucchini fritters of the season using the Cretan recipe from our cooking class with Koula in Vamos.  love those things even tho it is so labor intensive.  thinking i'll fry some up for the twisted sister spin-in on sunday.

quilt photos tomorrow..... then on to the next project.  there are so many running around in my head, must bring them into reality.

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