Friday, August 16, 2013

from HONY (Humans of New York)

this was posted on Facebook today by Brandon at HONY.  his photos and the stories or quotes with them are something i look forward to every day.  he has a book coming out in october, which i'm thinking about pre-ordering (lower price!)

this woman and her poem made me both smile and tear up a bit.

She asked if I wanted to hear a poem she'd written when she was younger. (At what age, she couldn't remember) She then recited it from memory. I had her repeat it several times so I could get all the words right:

"Were I to dream,
then dream I would
of days that have gone by.

Your eyes would gleam
and so would mine,
but joys remembered are no longer mine.

I walk in a garden of memory,
reliving the joys and the sorrows as well.
I walk with a cane down memory lane,
perhaps there, joys remembered will remain.

Perhaps when my hair has turned to gray
and my face is etched with pain,
I'll walk with a cane down memory lane.
Perhaps there, joys remembered will remain."

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