Saturday, August 10, 2013

weekend stuff

and here's the blue-footed booby...  i think he's about the cutest thing i've seen in a long time!  wish i could see one in person.  you can read all about him here

my garden did just fine while i was gone.  went to seattle on monday for my sister's wedding, which was awesome almost beyond words!  after the wedding at the court house, then dinner, went home with Chris, Kate and kids.  enjoyed that time, then took amtrak back home wed. afternoon.

oh, yeah... the garden.  there are definite signs that there will be an eggplant crop, which pleases me... a lot!  there are 3 plants and they all have small fruit and lots of blossoms.

tomatoes are doing well and already had several small ones, with one of 'em big enough for making a BLT, my favorite summer treat.

and fuchsias are blooming nicely.  i love this one the best.

love the gerbera daisies, too.  i keep them in big pots so they can winter over in my studio.  also, so the damn gophers won't eat them.

i'm really really afraid of Johnny Depp!  you'd think that at my age i'd be past this kind of stuff... but i may be old, but i ain't dead yet.

and now i really must be brave and go get ready for bed.  there is a bat in the house.  it was flying around my room and when it went out, i closed the door.  now i'll need to make a dash for the bathroom and back hoping i won't get swooped at by a bat.   eeeeek

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