Tuesday, August 20, 2013

the next quilt

i am in the planning process of the next quilt which will be for my grandgirl's 11th birthday in Nov.

she seems especially drawn to greens currently... so that's what it will be... with some turquoise and purples thrown in.  this will be another "quilt as you go" adventure, using the tutorial here

and in a couple of days i should be receiving my order from Dharma Trading of their solar dyes which i will use to dye some fabric for quilting and might even try over-dyeing some of my not-so-favorite fabrics in my stash.

yesterday Pam and i went to Lake Oswego's Pine Needle fabric store for a wonderful day of stash enhancement.  they have the beautiful ombre fabric and had a perfect green (lower left).  if i keep it up, i'll eventually have some of every single color they have... that's my goal.  it looks so lovely in prayer flag type banners and in quilts, too.

this coming Saturday is the annual Summer Hummer at dome central and includes family and friends for an afternoon of bbq, lots of food and wine and celebration of life and love!  the tradition began many years ago as the celebration of the birth of our first llama cria.  the "hummer" part came from the fact that llamas hum a lot, so we had a big hummin' party for the baby.  there were probably 100+ people here, we bbq'ed a lamb, everyone brought food, we drank a lot of wine and beer and apparently all had a fine time.  memory blurs a bit, but the tradition continues, tho we don't roast a lamb anymore we do still bbq something, eat well, drink wine and usually now only have 20 or 25 people here.  so a lot of this week is devoted to getting ready to party.  party on....

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