Friday, August 02, 2013

quilt... finished!!

here it is!  and "finished" trumps "perfect".  and i love it again, even after all the not loving it as i tried to fix the stupid.  biggest lesson i got from this project is i better damn well know what's the next step and how i'll get there before i start cutting!

this was a quilt-as-you-go project and i loved doing the cutting and piecing of the front and love how it turned out!  love the fabrics and the colors and that wonderful ombre fabric!!  and now to figure out which of the ideas running around in my head will be the next project.  am thinking it will be a wall hanging.

coming up.... sunday will be a gathering here of twisted sisters and friends to spin, knit, talk, laugh, graze at the bountiful table of pot-luck (which always far exceeds what we can consume) and, of course, fondle fibers.

monday i'm headed north on amtrak to go to sister Dinah's wedding to her long-time partner, in seattle. will go with brother Curbhead, sister Robin and her "close friend" Chuck.  following wedding will be celebratory dinner, then i'll go home with Chris, Kate and kids for a few days.  Jim and Tasha will keep each other company and i hope my garden will get watered while i'm gone as i want to have some big ripe tomatoes ready for BLT when i get home!  tis the season.

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